A house in Luanda



COMMITTENTE | Triennal de Architectura Lisboa

PROGETTISTI | arch.Luca Oddi, arch. Giovanni Gherpelli, arch. Filippo Bocchialini, Ing. Francesca Iavasile

COSA | Concorso

QUANDO | 2011

roof plantplantsection

The challenge posed by the Triennale of Architecture of Lisbon provides for the design of a residential unit within a given surface, complete with all the available spaces in everyday life, conceived and designed according to the needs and lifestyle of future residents.

patio view


The project proposes the construction of a building made from volumes added together they go to fill the lot remaining arrears respect to the short sides and leaving an open central area, a patio. This has to be the nerve center of the house, the main common area where there is the life of the family. Here you can eat, wash clothes, cook, children can play. The kitchen space is designed to be used from the space inside and from the patio. Differently from the common areas, which have the upper hand, the bedrooms have a minimum size, are separated only by “age” of the occupants and only have the function of space for sleeping. The different rooms are designed to be mass produced, with a superstructure and common serial and a second structure of “filler” whose forms will be freer. The first part will be built by skilled workers and using building materials “standard”. This is the base of foundation, in concrete, and the roof structure made ​​with the use of steel tubes and galvanized sheet metal to form the folds at different angles. Below the metal cover, left a space of about one meter will fit the volumes of the rooms, these self-built by the future residents with the use of building materials available locally. The gaps left on the short sides of the lot are designed to contain the private gardens, useful to support the family. The construction scheme also has positive effects from the point of view bioclimatic. The space left between the cover plate and the living volumes provides a cushion of moving air that protects from direct sunlight.